British Columbia Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages


 October 23, 2020
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Keynote - Say it Like a Scholar! Techniques and Tools to Flex Academic Language Muscles

At every K-12 grade level, multilingual learners must have daily successful experiences engaging in academic interaction to make noteworthy strides in the language of schooling. They must also be exposed to an articulate command of English in every class. All too often, second-language learners are largely spectators in class discussions, waiting for classmates to speak up or answering in single words and phrases. They deserve more than polite invitations to contribute or random selection with a digital device or equity sticks; they require daily language support, modeling, and feedback that bolster their linguistic confidence and competence.


Dr. Kinsella draws on her career as a researcher, practitioner, and curriculum writer supporting English language learner gains as well as her personal experiences raising and advocating for an adopted Guatemalan child with speech and language delays. She offers evidence-based yet tangible guidance on how educators across grade levels and subject areas can utilize consistent proven practices to help students make academic English strides. Using expert modeling, classroom-tested resources and compelling lesson footage, she illustrates how schools can establish scholarly interaction protocols that enable all students to actualize their personal and academic goals.


  • Dr. Kate Kinsella

    Dr. Kate Kinsella is an emeritus teacher educator from San Francisco State University’s Center for Teacher Efficacy where she addressed English as a Second Language research and instruction. She is currently the CEO of Dr. Kate Kinsella & Associates, an educational research, professional development and consultancy firm dedicated to English language learner achievement. Her 30-year teaching career focus has been equipping students from diverse economic and linguistic backgrounds with the advanced language and literacy skills to be truly high school and college ready.


    Dr. Kinsella is the author of many professional publications and research-validated programs to support English learners and striving readers, including READ 180 Universal, English 3D, Language Launch, and Academic Vocabulary Toolkit. Dr. Kinsella has served as the lead scholar and pedagogy guide on three recent U.S. Department of Education funded research initiatives to improve educational outcomes for K-12 English language learners. In January 2021, she will launch the first professional book in a series published by Corwin entitled Scholarly Interactions: Tools and Techniques to Engage Academic English Learners.